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2 Important Ways to Get your Content Noticed

Jan 9 Blog

January 9, 2019

Creating engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms can sometimes be a challenge for many businesses. Although the process can be daunting, there are distinctive ways to bring some eyes to your brand.

According to, the number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.95 billion by 2020. With that many online users, delivering creative and unique content is a must for a fast-paced generation.

2 ways to get your content noticed:

1. Leverage Game Mechanics
Many airlines find unique ways to get customers to engage with them, including giving away frequent flier miles. For example, with Frontier’s rewards program you get a free round-trip domestic ticket for every 20,000 miles you acquire.

By keeping audiences engaged through social media giveaways and online contents, airlines are winning over new customers and generating repeat business. They increase engagement on their brand pages by keeping people motivated and wanting more. Leveraging the power of game mechanics keeps your audience engaged and feeling good.

2. Create Inner Remarkability
Sharing unusual and interesting news is worthy of mention. When creating content, things that break the pattern and make people pause are going to be things are get the most attention.

For example, when Segway introduced its new Ninebot Gokart Kit (a Segway that converts into a go kart), future customers helped the company raise almost $1.3 million dollars on Indiegogo to help make it happen. Mysterious and usual are worthy of being talked about.

As the number of social media users continue to rise, the power of leveraging game mechanics and creating inner remarkability are unique ways to get your content noticed.

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