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5 Most Common Social Media FAQ's

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October 5, 2018

Currently 88% of Americans use Facebook, 36% percent use Twitter, and over 30% use LinkedIn. As the percentage of individuals using social media increases, so will the opportunities to interact with customers on these platforms.

As small businesses and organizations look to expand their social media efforts, many of them want answers on how to make their presence stand out. So here’s a list of the five most common social media questions our digital experts get asked.


5 Most Common Social Media FAQs

1.  Is Paid Social Media Advertising a Good Idea?

If you’re having a difficult time raising awareness of your product or services, social media advertising might be an effective marketing tactic. However, make sure you know what you’re doing or you could end up like the 40% of social marketers who don’t believe paid ads are effective.

Make sure the platform you choose is one your target audience spends the most time on and all of your paid ads are optimized for the specific audience you’re trying to reach.


2. How do I handle negative comments on social media?

Every business will encounter negative comments towards their organization at some point.  It is important to always handle those types of situations with ease and a calm attitude.

Most importantly, don’t reciprocate negative feelings. It can sometimes be challenging, but it shows professionalism and that your organization is above giving in to the toxicity.


3. What common social media mistakes should my business avoid?

Content spamming is one of the practices that every business should steer clear of. It causes bad rapport with consumers when a company posts too frequently just to get more messages out there. Make sure to always promote your services or products in a way that doesn’t come off aggressive or needy.

Also, you should be consistent with publishing updates. Consistent, engaging content reinforces why your audience is following to you. And putting some additional strategy into your posts could tighten the relationship with your audience.


4. What Type Of Content Should I Post?

The type of content posted to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn should always be tailored to your target audience. A few questions to ask yourself before creating a post are:

  • What is a current trending topic?
  • What product/service do my followers like most?
  • What type of content do my followers engage with most?

Remember to steer away from strong opinionated subjects like political views, controversial pop culture topics, or anything that could be viewed as sexist, discriminatory, or inappropriate behavior.


5.  Can Social Media Help My SEO?

SEO determines where your website shows up in Google searches for various keywords that are relevant to the products or services your business offers. Having multiple active social media accounts that people visit frequently can dramatically place your website closer to the top of Google searches, where you’re more likely to be found by customers.


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