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Everything You Need to Know About Local SEO

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March 6, 2019

Local SEO helps businesses connect with local customers when they are looking for relevant products/services online. How does it do that? It aims to display accurate information like name, address, phone number, and website across online directories like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

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It is currently one area of marketing that so many businesses can improve upon. At a minimum there are four crucial pieces of information that all businesses need to have. They are company name, address, phone number, and website. And the more consistent information is across online directories, the more likely a business will show up towards the top of search rankings.

While this may seem like obvious information, many businesses are unaware that there are incorrect listings for their business out there. Here is a closer look at three of the main pieces of information that make up Local SEO.

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1. Company Name - 86% of businesses have incorrect company names listed.

Your business name is one of the first things potential customers will learn when performing searches. Its important to make sure it shows up correctly at all times! Having this piece of information listed incorrectly can send the wrong message to customers and make them distrust the search results they find.

Things to look for: Correct spelling, most recent name (if your business has gone through a name change), full name of business, and consistency across all search results.

2. Address - 72% of businesses have incorrect or missing addresses listed.

Having incorrect or incomplete information about where your business is located will make it difficult for new customers to find you.

Things to look for: All address information filled in, correct spelling, most current address (if your business has moved) including extra information like floor, office number, etc., and consistency across all search results.

3. Phone Number - 71% of businesses have an incorrect or missing phone number listed.

Having incorrect or missing contact information makes it very difficult for potential customers to get in touch with your business. This will also send the wrong message to customers and make them distrust the search results they find.

Things to look for: Correct phone number listed, updated number (if your business has moved locations or changed numbers), the number that is the most likely to be answered (if your business has multiple), and consistency across all search results.

Overall Benefits

Having accurate and consistent information on local directories provides a lot of benefits for your business. Not only does it give customers correct and up-to-date information on your business, it can also help them find your business more easily.

Businesses with complete and correct data on Google My Business (GMB) pages and local directories also appear higher in search results than those that arent completely filled out. This helps to drive traffic to your businesss website and generates more leads.

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Are search results for your business coming back with incomplete and inaccurate information? If so, we can help! Our team here at 44i will work with you to make sure local directories contain complete and accurate information, improving search ranking and generating more revenue for your business!

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