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Slick Email Segmentations Strategies

August 5, 2015

You are most likely all familiar with the emails you receive featuring deals and specials from companies ranging from the chain grocery store you shop at, to your favorite shoe store, to your dental office reminding you of your upcoming check-up. These emails are great conversational marketing pieces that can elevate your reach and improve communication with your customers. How can you be sure that your message is being read, though? 

The way to improve engagement of your emails is to segment your audience! What is audience segmentation? It is the practice of dividing a list of contacts based on some qualifying factor. What does this allow you to do? After you segment your audience, you can then send relative information to the customers who appreciate that specific piece of information the most. 

What are some ways to segment? Well, this is really up to how your business operates! You can segment by geographical location of the customers. You can also segment based on the role of that audience member. Another way to segment is through interest, as well as through behavior or advocacy. Each of these segments gives you  a new specific approach, and will ultimately help to gain an action. 

Want to learn more on how you can send segmented emails, or how email marketing can help to improve your company? We're here for you! 

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