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The Pros Of Physical Mailers

September 9, 2015

In the current environment of digital, there are many marketers who are wondering - are physical mailers still successful?. The answer to this question is yes, if your company and brand align correctly. Think about your audience. Are they young and spending lots of time on the smartphones and tablets? If yes, then physical mailers are not the way to go. However, if your audience is mature, and not spending lots of time on their computers, physical mailers are still a successful way to reach this demographic.

Another issue that some may have with physical mailers is the fact that they can get easily lost in stack. Although this concern is valid, the trick is to create a unique mailer that will stand out against the standard!

We’re all familiar with the mail stack gets tossed straight into the recycle bin because it screams junk mail. Usually the fonts and design are loud, obnoxious and simply too ugly to open. If you’re not using proper design techniques and strategies, then your ad may be falling into this pile. It truly does pay to hire an ad agency to handle this aspect for you!

Another pile we may be familiar with is the mail you have to open such as bills or other notices. We all know that these pieces are no fun to open. They are bland, and usually request a payment of some sort.

Finally, there is the mail that is unexpected and exciting. Pieces that may fall into this category include letters from friends or family. Maybe it’s the latest edition of your favorite magazine or a package from your grandparents. Whatever it is, you know it’s something valuable and that you’ll enjoy opening and reading it.

The goal of any marketer would be for their mailers to fall into the unexpected and exciting category. This is where the process gets fun and creative! Think about your audience and what they enjoy, and then intrigue them by using aesthetic designs, creative tactics and engaging content. Give them something to look forward to opening, and it will continue to be opened.

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