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Think Before You Tweet

August 21, 2015

Twitter may seem like just another social profile to manage and monitor; however, it’s essential to extend your voice and make a tweet-worthy post. In other words, it’s important use Twitter effectively and efficiently as a tool to build your company’s brand and share great content. As you will see there are several tactics you can cover in your tweets.

1) Why Are You Tweeting?

If you cannot instantly answer this question, then it might be time to reconsider your goals. If your company is using social media just because your competitors are, then it’s time to reexamine your strategy. You might not even have a strategy! If you don’t, then it’s essential to be committed and dedicated to consistency. From there, you can craft content to match your goals.

2) Define Your Audience

After you’ve set out your strategy, your desired audience will follow suit. In other words, once you have content that’s engaging, the proper audience will show themselves by favoriting or retweeting your tweets. Keep in mind that your audience is not looking for one sales pitch after another. Keep the material conversational and FUN!

3) Start Following and Listen.

A large part of what will define your company on Twitter is whom you follow. If you follow similar industries or influential tweeters, then it’s an opportunity for you to learn! Pay attention to what kind of things they post and what types of engagement they have. Then, learn from their posts and utilize similar strategies to try them out.

4) Build Relationships With Followers.

If you do not begin interacting with your follower by responding to their feedback, then you will only be hurting your efforts. You must get involved - think of it as a conversation! The beauty of Twitter is that offers the ability to engage with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world. Think of your Twitter account as a community or a neighborhood - be neighborly and give nods to your followers when appropriate!

5) Above All Be Creative & Conversational 

Twitter is an opportunity to let personalities shine through - simply let your content do the talking! Encourage your content creators to let loose and have some fun! Content that’s ‘real’ is content that’s worth sharing and talking about. Don’t lose sight of human interaction either! The more your content is shared, the better opportunity for your brand to get discovered and be NOTICED! 

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