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Who’s Going Digital? Top 3 Industries For Digital Marketing in 2019

2019 Digital spend

December 13, 2018

Look to these industries next year for good digital marketing leads.

In 2019, businesses will spend $30 billion more on digital marketing than they do TV
advertising. The percentage of a business’s budget devoted to digital is higher than it
has ever been and will only continue to grow in the coming years.

So which industries are contributing the most to this rapid rise in digital advertising?

A recent study from eMarketer looked at how much each industry spent on digital marketing in 2018. Their report found that the Retail industry spends by far the most on digital services. Retailers spent $23.5 billion on digital ads in 2018, which represents almost 22% of the total digital ad spend.

Some of the most common digital services for the retail industry include websites, local SEO/reputation management, and Search Engine Marketing.

The next-largest industry by total digital spend is the Auto industry. Automotive companies are expected to spend more than $13.5 billion in digital spend in 2019. That means this industry is responsible for approximately 12.6% of the total digital spend in the US.

Digital services these companies are doing include email, local SEO/reputation management, Search Engine Marketing, and banner/display advertising.

Financial Services
Coming in just behind the Automotive industry in digital spend is the Financial Services sector. Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and asset management companies spent more than $13.05 billion this year on digital advertising to help
promote their products and services.

The most common services for these financial companies include social media, Search Engine Marketing, and banner display/advertising.

As we start 2019, make sure you have a plan to target clients in these profitable industries. Together we can offer these local companies digital solutions that will help grow their business.


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