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Why User Experience (UX) Is So Important

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Curtis Bain | May 22, 2018

Every year we use thousands of websites and digital platforms to get through our days. Not all of them, however, come with a fantastic user experience. Recently, the MASSIVE multimedia messaging application Snapchat changed its mobile UX, and people lost their minds! You may have even noticed the change yourself if you have been using the app. I will admit that the change still confuses me from time to time, and I dearly miss the old user interface (UPDATE* Snapchat has reverted some of it's old features back!) This had me thinking…how important is user experience, and how can you improve UX if you have your own website?


UX design is one of the hottest topics and discussions in web development today. A well-designed website doesn’t confuse or frustrate its users, rather it understands its audience and embraces them with open arms.  If you can create a UX that is easy for your users to understand, and navigate; then you have created a positive UX experience.



The last fact on that list may just be the most important one. If your business or personal website is not focused on the mobile experience,  you are almost irrelevant in today’s world. A website that is optimized for mobile interactions greatly boosts your UX! If your UX is not optimized for mobile, you are losing a very big audience. Luckily for Snapchat, it has millions of users and an internal team focused on giving feedback of UX, a luxury you probably don’t have for a small business or personal website! Your team needs to get together with your web developers and take a look at your UX in order to improve traffic and the overall image of your business.


Creating a successful UX isn’t hard; it just takes some simple steps and a little bit of planning. Keep in mind a good website/app is one that is easy to read and even easier to navigate.


  • First, determine what the product or service is that you are providing to your customer and make sure your site is focused on it.
  • Next, post and update your site with relevant information that is current and informative to your customer. Remember that posting too many things can clutter your website/app and make the overall UX second-rate.
  • Lastly, you want a UX that speaks to the customer and works well for your company. Just because something works for a different company doesn’t always mean it will work for you.


The websites and apps that we use every day are more than just digital web pages and applications. They’re a vital part of our lifestyle and we need to be able to interact and connect with them, especially on our mobile devices. Your company’s online presence needs to recognize this and continually invest in order to stay relevant in an increasingly digital, and mobile, landscape.


Snapchat has a brand and product that connects with its audience and makes them a vital part of everyday usage. Your business needs to be taking the same approach, and like Snapchat, listen to your users and continually work to create an even better experience than before. We can learn a lot from the mistakes and accomplishments of Snapchat.


Written by Curtis Bain – Social Media Strategist: 44Interactive


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