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Branding & Logo Design

While many people refer to a company's logo as their brand, and their brand as the company's logo, a brand is actually much larger. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced. Ultimately, brand is about caring about your business at every level and in every detail, from the big things like mission and vision, to your people, your customers, and every interaction anyone is ever going to have with you, no matter how small. Always take the extra time to sweat the details of your brand presentation to ensure the integrity of your companys brand whenever and wherever it is communicated.

Remember, your brand is your strategy, your call to action, your customer service, the way you speak, all your marketing and advertising, your people and your facilities. Yes, your brand is also your logo and visuals, too, and a great brand deserves a great logo and great design. It can make the difference when the customer is choosing between two brands, but these alone cannot make your brand great.

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