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Media Buying

44i procures and places media throughout South Dakota and the Great Plains to most effectively and efficiently achieve the best results of message delivery for our clients. Our traditional media-buying strategies are based on science.  Particularly… the science of numbers. Our firm has purchased media for over fifteen years for clients whose budgets have ranged from $10,000 per year those well in excess of $1,000,000. Regardless of the number, our primary focus for all of the clients for which we purchase media is to create campaigns that perform well and achieve the desired goals and objectives. 


44i negotiates, places and audits all media per our clients’ pre-determined budgets. Our experience and skill in both traditional and online media procurement and placement ensures that all media activities achieve the appropriate reach and frequency measures, delivered with scientific precision and without waste, achieving the appropriate metrics per Gross Ratings Points, Reach, Frequency, CPP, eCPM’s, ROI’s, and Conversions to positively affect the market at a tremendous value.


All mediums have a measurement metric, and only the best in the business are disciplined enough to implement and adhere to these strategies. Items and terms such as ‘tonnage’ and ‘number of spots’ have little-to-no-value when building campaigns that perform. We pride ourselves on being the most disciplined media agency in the region and we welcome the opportunity to be prove this to you!

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