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YouTube Channel Development

Just about every business, large or small, is creating a branded channel on YouTube, but there are still relatively few marketers who have managed to harvest the full potential of the platform. 44i has the knowledge and expertise to create and manage you YouTube channel and develop a solid strategy for maximum effectiveness, whether your brand already has a YouTube channel thats in need of a facelift, or if youre interested in developing one from scratch, we know all the tips and valuable tricks to kick-start the process.

The first thing to know is that you shouldnt be concerned with acquiring thousands of friends and subscribers right away. We use the initial time period to do some beta testing, gather insights, and see what performs best for your brand and objectives. Unlike many other marketing elements, the look and feel of the channel can be changed, tweaked and optimized without a large investment of time and money.

We keep a keen focus on your marketing objectives and overall brand strategy, whether you are using the channel to attract prospects, provide customer support, or build a list of subscribers, and we know that there might not be one size fits all content if you are trying to accomplish all three.

We understand that, yes you can post your television commercials online, but we never recommend that be the only content on the channel. TV commercials are a one-way medium, and while audiences may want the ability to see your commercials on-demand, they will never visit your channel again if thats all you have to offer. If a user visits your channel, youll only have one chance to impress them, so if you dont entertain them or offer some valuable information, youll lose an opportunity. And at 44i, we dont let that happen.

We work hard to seamlessly integrate your YouTube channel into the rest of your marketing initiatives to allow you to obtain maximum value. We also keep a sharp eye (and trend research) on the future, as this and all online technology is changing and evolving at a rate never before seen. 44i knows how to maximize your YouTube channel, as well as create the video content to drive action and market share.

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